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Songs to Contemplate Suicide to


A collection of some of the most heart-wrenching, depressing songs I have ever heard. If you are starting to question your life, these songs may put you over the edge, so be warned. Prepare to have your very heart strings pulled apart.

10 tracks
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I see you have a thing for teddy bears that hang themselves. I just started listening to your mix, so I have nothing to say about the songs yet.

to sarah-they are an EXTREMELY obscure screamo band from the late 90's, there is barely any info about them on the web. All I really know is that they released a split with the more well-known Toru Okada. If you want me to send you their album, email me at

what is this olive tree band? i really like the first song. but when i tried googling them and all that came up was a christian rock band.... haha