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we can dance to the radio station that plays in our teeth

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i knew most of this music already, but then when you put all these songs in context of each other and night vale, it was like listening to all-new music!!! really great mix.

oh my god, this is absolutely fabulous, i think it's the best mix i've seen yet. windmills of your mind! A NUMBERS STATION RECORDING BECAUSE OF COURSE. i am seriously in love with this, thank you so much for making it. (oh, this is intheconcertroom, by the way!)

oh yay i take it you're a fellow parenthetical girls fan then? they're excellent-- i went through their entire discography looking for a song of theirs for this mix b/c it felt wrong not to incorporate them into my night vale experience somehow

and thanks!! i'm glad you liked it! <3

no, just super-into dusty springfield, but the song itself is super appropriate for night vale, it reminds me of one of cecil's philosophical digressions. i'll have to check out parenthetical girls, though! it was a really nice cover.

you know i knew it was a cover and i should have figured that that's what you were referring to in the first place-- so used to the p girls version i forgot you know?

i'm happy i'm not the only one that loves it for existential!cecil though! that song was meant for him tbh