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"My insides are bullet-holed basins where the past goes to die.
I feel death when you stand close.
Stay away from me.
I love you."

two kings & one crown; a self-indulgent oikage mix heavy on king imagery.

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10 tracks
3 comments on REGICIDE;

I've been sifting through all the oikawa mixes in an attempt to find the best and I've honestly gotta say this is the best oikawa (and oikage) mix I've listened to! The annotations were great and the songs were perfect and also super quality ahh!!! I'm crying but I'm also so happy!! Thank you so much for making this!!!!!!

@tushyqueen !! Oh wow! This is honestly the sweetest comment I've ever gotten on a mix, thank you so much for your kind words and I'm glad you liked it!