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these are roads

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Thanks for listening, and for bringing me back to this mix. I'm listening to this again, remembering what it was like in 2008 when I made this. The roads are ever unpredictable; I'm glad I kept following them.

I really, really liked this one... and is so good when i have the chance to read the history behind the mixes...

don't ever think of matching tatoos... is jinx!

Really? My innocent heartfelt mix helped you that much? Well that makes me happy that I helped someone else out. As soon as my internet stops being lame, I'll post more mixes. Thanks for listening to it and leaving me feedback =)

In response to your question, first off, thanks for the comment. Second off, TCEBAFT was a little thing I had with a girl who meant a lot to me at the time. It meant simply "this could easily be a forever thing." We were gonna have it tattooed on our wrists at one point. But she flaked out on me, and didn't want me anymore so whatever. I made that mix for her, to show that I still loved her immensely, but it failed. Glad you liked it either way. XD