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Neu World 3mo


Just watched Synecdoche New York, film by Charlie Kaufman and suddenly got an idea to make my favorite emo/indie mix (There's no relation between the film and my approach toward this Emo music)

8 Tracks including The Appleseed Cast, Prawn, Mineral, Everyone Everywhere, etc.

Photo cover: Philip Seymour Hoffman

  • Forever Longing The Golden Sunsets by Appleseed Cast
  • Wesley's Pipe Dreams by PRAWN MUSIC
  • Safety by Football, Etc.
  • BUDDHISTSON by Pupil
  • Gloria by Mineral
  • If We Had Found You Any Later, You Would Have Drowned by Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)
  •  I Feel Fine By Everyone Everywhere by Everyone Everywhere
  • Amateur Cartography by Dowsing
8 tracks
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Thanks for putting together this playlist! It really reminds me of great bands like American Football and Pavement! :)