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『teenager in love』


"everyone has a side of themselves they don't want other people to see"

ok the first song is a joke since i couldn't find other songs ^^;;

art originated from the manga horimiya

8 tracks
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INVISIBLE TIES (PREMONITION)/SCRIPT TABLE OF CONTENTS This transcript is for the prologue chapter of Fire Emblem: Awakening, "Invisible Ties (Premonition)". Opening Cutscene: Fated Clash Gameplay Chrom: This is it! Our final battle! You're one of us, Avatar, and no "destiny" can change that. Now let's kill this dastard and be done with it! (Validar is indicated across the field) Chrom: Avatar, we have to get closer. Let's move! Chrom: [upon being selected] All right, my turn. Chrom: [if the Avatar is selected] Go ahead, Avatar! End of Player Phase (1) Validar: Ha ha ha! Why do you resist? Beginning of Player Phase (2) Chrom: Good, he's almost within reach. Let's move in and strike! Battle Validar: Gya ha ha! Fools! Struggle all you want! You cannot unwrite what is already written! Post-Battle Cutscene: Fated Clash II