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Life's Too Short To Even Care At All.

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But i was afraid no one was going to like this mix. Thank you so much for this comment it really means a lot. Good luck on your studies and there will be more mixes like this coming. (:

Hey there, im from venezuela. im a biology student at the university. im studying for my finals and i was literally freaking so i decided to find somthing to hear and try to calm down when i found your mix. Seriously is amazing ! thanks for made it it helped me :) if you want to keep contact add me on IG. aleeorta

I'm in the middle of some crazy student-life crisis that even doesn't make sense!
But I listen to this album and dream of rebelious carefree spring and hot-headed summer, the ones who don't let anything upset them no matter what.
So, thatnk you! =)))

awww thank you so much this comment means the world to me. i just put a bunch of songs i listen to everyday these songs help me through my everyday life so im glad you like it. There will definitely be more albums like these coming.