Is this playlist safe for work?

What? Studying?


the push towards that test is so real, so get ready to study your butt off ;u;

  • I Am the Doctor by KskiMusic
  • Crossing Field (Piano Transcription) by Sword Art Online
  • Georgiana by Dario Marianelli
  • The World's Smallest Violin (EO Dubstep Remix) [Buy Link = Free DL Link] by Woe is Me
  • Shukumei (Guitar Cover) by Fairy Tail
  • The East Wind by Jawn Watson
  • Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Main Theme by Brian Tyler
  • Christina Perri A Thousand Years by The Piano Guys
  • Guren no Yumiya (piano) by Faye_production
  • Nemo Egg (Main Title) Soundalike by jordankingmusic
  • Addicted to a Certain Lifestyle by Nidal Alhariri
  • Professor Sycamore by makototachibana
  • 14 Star Trek Main Theme by thescifigirl
  • Pokemon theme song piano by -Goglu-
  • Inception OST FLAC by Hans Zimmer
  • Winterspell by Keith Yau
  • Available on iTunes, Amazon and most online stores NOW! by Angels Will Rise
  • Sovngarde by Jeremy Soule
  • Just Be Friends by Marasy
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I used this ridiculously often during exams a few months ago and even now I still do. Definitely one of my favorites :)
Though I do get super feelsy when Guren no Yumiya comes on, and now I feel like playing ACIV instead of studying ;)
Thank you!

Okay the Doctor Who soundtracks make me want to curl up in a ball and cry instead of study...the hole that was Matt Smith is sad when it hears the soundtracks. T~T

U dont study or work with someone screeming in your ear: i am a doctor. remove that track from the album, or change the title!

OH I'm super sorry, I did change the arrangement so if you listen now there are no screaming bits. Thank you for the heads up, but I hope you still will give it a go. If you would like a different playlist, I recommend @arcticmonekeys 's etudier; it is simple divine. Best of luck with the rest of your studying.