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Planet 56K


In this alternate-timeline the early 90's never left. The planet is now draped in Lisa Frank colors and Casio watches are still cool.

On Planet 56K you have to mix your own music on cassettes still excuse the fuzz.

  • Virtual Lust by Infinity Frequencies
  • 5aEbHuhM ) by データ LIFE STREAM ( VIDEO: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN
  • 50% OFF by VHS Logos
  • Super Gran Turismo by Dreams West
  • ヒスイ MARBLE (ft. ULTRA ウルトラ) by architecture in tokyo
  • the touch by mitch murder
  • Disaronno Brain Feed by べたTOPAZ GANG
  • Cruise Control by delorean.eightyeight
  • Speed Boat Comercial by Quadra 650
  • Showme by ESPRIT 空想
  • Pizza Day by Esprit 空想
11 tracks
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