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conveying those feelings


a mix of hopeful japanese songs, some from anime osts. (i might add more later)

cover from http://katorei.tumblr.com/post/88763720380

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dirty old men - 弱虫な炎 (yowamushi pedal op2)
fukai mori - do as infinity (inuyasha ed)

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Hi!~ ovo i really like your playlists~ they are so good!! but i wanted to ask about the "groceries" mix, i dont know why but i can't find it :'v, and it was my favorite </3, do you know what happend?

@lovelyile i deleted it bc most of the songs on it were being deleted via soundcloud where i got it from so if it got deleted on soundcloud, it would get deleted on my mix too ;; so i just deleted the mix all together bc i didnt want to reupload the entire thing. if you still remember the songs u liked, maybe i could find download links for u?

@digitrash @lovelyile ah is it possible that you still have the tracklist? I'd love to give it a listen even if i gotta track everything down by hand omg