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Karaoke in the Shower


A playlist full of songs that you may know the lyrics from a moment of your life

IMPORTANT: if you like, you can share which song remind you of a memory, and which memory is it ^^ i'd love to read your story.

39 tracks
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I don't just have one memory to go with the songs, but this playlist makes me feel a type of happy nostalgia. My parents are huge music nerds, and encouraged me from a young age to listen to music from before my time (2001) and this has a mix of older and newer music. I love it and it makes me think of dancing in the living room as a kid with my family. Thank you for making this, I listen to it doing everything from studying, to hanging out with friends, to showering. I absolutely love it!

@bethlikestunes Hello there! I'm just so glad this playlist made you feel like this because it makes me feel the same thing! :D The reason is to make people dance around and forget about everything thas has been bothering your lives, and I'm so glad it did xoxo