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Don't overthink it

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You'll love it, I promise.

  • The Girls On Drugs by Wale
  • So High by Wiz Khalifa
  • Emmanuel (Hayden James Remix) by Basecamp
  • Blue Ocean Floor (Deebs Rework) by neverwasfamous
  • Drop Everything by Barcelona
  • The Prayer by Kid Cudi
  • The Need To Know (Feat. SZA)Prod. JGramm by JGramm Beats
  • Mac Demarco by Mac DeMarco
  • 6. Smoke That Shit by ChrisTravis
  • Palm Trees by Flatbush ZOMBiES
  • MOTIONLESS (prod. bobby raps) by SPOOKY BLACK X BOBBY RAPS
  • Ridin' Solo (ARVFZ Remix) by Njomza
  • Ganja (feat. Mod Sun) by Chris Webby
  • Xxyyxx by Closer
  • Roll Me Up Some Weed (prod Juicy J) by Juicy J
15 tracks
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