dik boi
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fckin nerd


lots of dmmd and homestuck and just overall nerd crap. Arranged really terribly, you have been warned

  • MeGaDanceVaNia by Catboss
  • Masculine Devil by DRAMAtical Murder OST
  • Heir Transparent by Robert J! Lake
  • Immer Sie by DRAMAtical Murder OST
  • Gourmet Race (Electro/Chiptune) remix by Kirby
  • OFF by Ost
  • GOATBED by goatbed
  • Homestuck: Carne Vale by Dominique Nicole DiMarco
  • Kirby Super Star Green Greens Theme 8 by Bit
  • 『 Yume Nikki 』Ending + Save Screen Remix by Neku ネク
  • DRAMAtical Murder Track19 by Acreo Silvest
  • Rex Duodecim Angelus by Malcolm Brown
12 tracks
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