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Follow Your Bliss


I'm a former insomniac who found it sooo easy to drift away with these hypnotic gems. Think hypnosis, meditation, angels, nature sounds, brain waves, and law of attraction. Please test and enjoy this SIX HOUR sleepy playlist. May you wake up refreshed and enlightened! Here are some teas that go well with this mix: http://www.yogiproducts.com/products/details/kava-stress-relief/


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I felt I was being visited by an entity and quite a strange experience it was. I felt as if my reality was a dream, and I was suddenly dropped in my sleep into a mystical magical world of which I had forgotten was the actual reality of the conscious moment of now.

Slept with intense dreams. woke up in an enlightenment but confused and paranoid. those passages were expected and hit me hard during my normal REM sleep period permeating my consciousness with surprisingly high shock value.