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Roam home to a dome
On the crest of a neighboring hill;
Where the chores are all done before they've begun
And eclectic nonsense is nil.

-R. Buckminster Fuller


// A mix for the headstrong sanguine who scales the world with suction cups and a no-slip harness //

Covers the years before The Rash but the last few songs allude to Sebastian's friendship with Jared Whitcomb (*ahem ahem* let me cry here wondering if I'm desperate or if there actually /is/ gay subtext in the book). Themes include architecture, permaculture, and reasons not to be an idiot.

Note: this is an eclectic mix that might not make sense to you without knowing Sebastian's character, but if you're up for weird-but-not-unlistenable tunes and documentary sound clips, then come along for the ride.

16 tracks
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