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♡secret hearts♡


some music about two volleyball dorks being in love, with all of its ups and downs
this playlist includes lovey dovey shit and angst and stuff i dont even know how to describe

i wanted to make a playlist thats different from the other kagehina playlists on 8tracks as i see a lot of the same song on them and i wanted a lil diversity, so heres this pretty long pile of 'diverse' songs that remind me of the carrot and the blueberry! enjoy!

(also pst i made annotations on the songs about what it reminds me of between kagehina just incase u were curious)

this fucking incredible and adorable art is from this incredible and adorable artist: http://gabisketchbook.tumblr.com/post/148322909410/kagehina

35 tracks
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i love this more than words can describe i absolutely adore when people add in messages and describe how it fits the characters this is amazing!!!!

This is so cute??? ;o; I absolutely love that you added messages to give a reason why you put these songs on the playlist. I don't see people doing that here so it's so nice!! This is just so perfect!! (likes this 32423 times)

@kazoonari ahh thank you so much (-': songs always give me these crazy stories in my head so i wanted to share them, i wasnt sure if anyone would actually read them but im glad you did and enjoyed them!!