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pianotale: undertale piano arrangements


a set of solo piano arrangements of music from the independently developed RPG "Undertale"

all music composed by Toby Fox, from the Undertale OST
arranged for piano and performed by Sebastien Skaf (famously known as the composer of Katawa Shoujo's soundtrack)
cover art credits to Sebastien Skaf

13 tracks
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With the move to a youtube only player, this playlist is different from what it used to be: in some cases, there is no music, but voice, in some cases the content seems to be unreleated to undertale, and when there is actually music, it is not the piano interpretation, but instead actual music from the game. Can we go back to the original playlist? If not, this playlist should be removed.

love this playlist so much!! listening to this with rainymood in the background is the most calming/soothing end to my day that i could ask for