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A Morning I Loved (N)


You wake up and see her there and just then you start remembering all the amazing memories you have had with her and how you just love her. You stroke her hair. She wakes up and smiles. You give her a kiss on the lips and say good morning.

Its a lazy day. Normal lazy day activities. Eat, sleep, play.

Then the air changes. She has that look, she wants you. You know what happens next. Afterwards, you laugh and talk while holding each other.

8 tracks
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Awe that's a bummer..I guess I'll stop being lazy and find the songs myself and download them, haha. For a moment I thought I had all the most amazing songs, so you definitely blew my mind. Thanks:)

To be honest I thought you might know how to. I've been trying to figure it out for some time now, haha. Don't worry about it:)

Hahahaha that made me laugh. x) There's that send by email symbol but nothing happens when I click on it. Sorry about that. But thank you again for loving my mix, my music soul mate.