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a small sampling of all that music hux keeps on his pad
inspired by the fanfiction "for whatsoever from one place doth fall (is with the tide unto another brought)" and the rest of that (FANTASTIC) series by coldhope (http://archiveofourown.org/series/396736)
beautiful art by kxrxllxna at http://kxrxllxna.deviantart.com/art/general-hux-582750506

35 tracks
5 comments on from the datapad of General Hux

Okay so I can totally see Hux planning out an attack of some sort while listening to Ave Maria. "The ginger headed general closed his eyes as the soft italian voice filtered through his private room. Plans filling his head and gracefully slotting themselves together to form the perfect plan." - Excerpt from a fanfiction i'll never write.

@oliver-t-112352 I love it! I'm glad you can see the same things I do when I hear these songs. Ave Maria is one of my favorites for him to plan things out; O Fortuna is my absolute favorite when I'm imagining his plans actually unfolding. Thanks so much for liking the playlist!

@presidosoctavius I'm a classical music nerd, so I always like classical playlists. It's going to be my soundtrack for making/getting into my Hux cosplay now.

@awkwardaustrian man I love classical. I wish I could fit more of my favorites onto this playlist. that's so flattering though, thank you! that makes me really happy. I wish I could see your cosplay, I bet it will be really good! I don't see enough Hux cosplayers haha