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sometimes soulmates dont always mean its romantic - but it always means youre in love.

  • Somewhere Only We Know (Cover) by Keaton Stromberg
    and if you have a minute why dont we go talk about it somewhere only we know?
  • Paper Scars by Tyler Scott
    you dont really know how to talk and i dont really know how to listen but were still together and i think thats all that matters
  • The Sun by Research Material
    oh god i just think about all the times ive yelled and i want to say im sorry but i thought i was doing it right
  • love will fuck us apart by Okay Mom
    i cant count how many times ive cried over things youve said, but i also cant count how many times ive smiled for days after holding your hand
  • Shoplifters Of The World Unite by The Smiths
    you recently started stealing things - but the first thing you stole was my heart
  • Peach by The Front Bottoms
    [gently kisses the tip of ur nose] i love u !
  • Inappropriate Uke Covers: Peach by The Front Bottoms
    up and down around and around its like were dancing, dude, and it just wont stop
  • Do The Whirlwind by Architecture In Helsinki
    i wish i could keep up when u run bc sometimes i think youre going to run right out of my life
  • Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat (Cover By Ruth & Carlo) by Lucky
    youre my best friend and i cant believe weve made it this far. hopefully, we'll go even farther.
  • The Debt by Julia Nunes
    i'll sing the harmony and you sing the chorus... even though we both know were not the best singers.
  • 1,2,3,4 (Plain White T's) Cover by Luigi Galvez
    i dont think i need to say it again, but i'm going to - i love u !
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