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Godly Things (If Wishes Were Horses Edition)


The world will never be as we wish it. We've only to wake up to ourselves and stare down what is with clear eyes & open hearts.

15 tracks
2 comments on Godly Things (If Wishes Were Horses Edition)

This mix was full of powerful tunes. I was just listening to the new Jeffrey Foucault album earlier this morning. I had come across Horse Feathers several years ago but hadn't heard much from them since. Glad to get reacquainted with them. And the David Gilmour was a nice closer. That's always been a favorite album.

@dmcgilvray , I'm really fond of Jeffrey Foucault's work. Really dig his side project Cold Satellite, too. More rock 'n' roll affair with words by a poet pal. That Gilmour solo album is amazing. I like it better than a few of the Pink Floyd albums.