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New Nu: April 2015


A playlist for the month of April featuring some of the latest in nu disco, euro disco, or synthpop. Check back here each month for a playlist featuring new sounds in these genres.

Last month's mix:

Why yes I have a nu disco blog. Check it!

8 tracks
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I'm a big fan of nu disco and have recently been searching for as many great nu disco songs as possible. As far as 8tracks goes you've assembled the best nu disco playlists by far. In most other playlists on 8tracks i'll be lucky to find one or two nu disco songs worth getting; I've found at least 4 or 5 great nu disco songs in every one of your playlists. I was just curious as to how you discover all of these great songs in the first place? (i've searched through iTunes, youtube, 8tracks, and a little on soundcloud) Just wondering if you have another avenue of finding these songs that I haven't come across? Thanks Also if you ever decide to make another playlist, that would be fuckin' awesome. Thank you for all the great songs.