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New Nu: January 2015


IT'S 2015! A whole new year of nu disco and funk possibilities lies ahead of us. But for now, we start with a playlist for the month of January. High-fives for all of my followers, and high fives to everyone new! Welcome to the wonderful world of nu disco, may this playlist be a most useful guide.

Last month's mix:

Why yes I have a nu disco blog. AND I REVAMPED IT. Check it.

  • MaLuca by Maluca
  • Get Over by Sugar Hill
  • Swim In The Night (Chrome Canyon Remix) by Soft Touch
  • All In My Head ft. Desirée Dawson by Pat Lok
  • Holy (Howl And Dirge Remix) by IndiePOP || Sterling Fox
  • Fangs by Else
  • Gold Is For the Golden Team by Gold Is For The Golden Team
  • Teenage Fantasy (feat. Gibbz) by Cherokee (Official)
  • Restless feat. Carly Roberts by Anniversary
9 tracks