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desert sand traveling east

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I am young and weak, a victim of depression. I comfort myself knowing that there are people who love and forgive like I do all the time. You're right about online debates, I forget I'm on the internet sometimes. sheesh look at all this ruckus I made. I'm not deleting anything, I was arguing with myself anyway.

there was no way I was gonna get into the whole roma debate online! lol -
I won't be offended if you wanna delete these - you have the option!

No taking of your own life man! This was the most interesting exchange I've had on this site!
Basically I've grouped together a lot of different music which may have some common strain or simply convey similar something to me while knowing very little about much of it...the idea wasn't to generalize at all but maybe it seemed that way to you. I'm always interested to learn more about where music comes from and its context.

man i'm really sorry I would ask you to delete all these comments, but i think it would be better off if you leave them so everytime someone comes to this mix that person will see my incompetence in following the virtues of life making me feel shameful of myself. I should be taking my life on this very spot, that would be an action worthy of a truly disciplined and fearless man. I'm losing my head, cigarette

pfffffffffffff. This is a perfect example of my music - stuff I got somewhere but know very little about.
next time I'll just call it WORLD MUSIC from a dude in brooklyn.