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For Inquisitors of all backgrounds, who stand tall and unassailable against the direst odds, who steel their jaws and march onwards, even when the strongest would falter.

  • Protecters of the Earth by Two Steps From Hell
  • Heart Of Falskaar (On The Horizon) by Julian Shanahan Music
  • Two Steps From Hell by Moving Mountains
  • Divided We Fall // Album Arcangel 2011 // Two Steps From Hell by United We Stand
  • PHA Stormy Seas by Phantom Power LLC
  • Dark Urban Epics) by Maker of Men (Fired Earth Music
  • Battle Cry by Mark Petrie Composer
  • Glory And Honour (Epic Choral Cinematic Orchestral) by Phoenix Music
  • Dragon Age Inquisition - Main Theme by Trevor Morris
9 tracks
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