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An instrumental playlist about the loss of Erebor, years of exile and the hope of returning home one day.

part i: The Fall of Erebor (songs 1-7)
part ii: Years of Exile (songs 8-21)
part iiI: The Settlement in Ered Luin (songs 22-34)
part iv: The Quest for Erebor (songs 35-39)

39 tracks
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if I said this was fantastic I would be lying because this is perfection as perfection ought to be like. I have barely picked up lotr/hobbit/silmarillion for weeks and it's weighing down on me because it was the first ever fandom I wrote fanfiction for, obsessed over, and pondered upon for ages. this means so much to me, it brought back all the huge feelings I wasn't aware were still there ;)

@tsukiimaru oh my god tank you so, so much for your kind words! i'm so happy you liked it but even happier to know it reminded you of Tolkien's wonderful creation! :') thank you!

This playlist has 2 huge problems: 1)it's cold af where I am and with the constant chills these songs give me I can't keep warm; 2) it's so good I can't stop listening to it. *cries* (beautiful work!)

@Lyesmth heeee thank you so much!!! :)))) so glad you're enjoying it and might i suggest a dwarven barbecue to provide you with some heat? (trolls and dragons seem to swear by it!)

I looked up the translation of the title and then I wished I hadn't because I made myself sad :( great playlist!

I just got to Northbound Train! One of my favourite tracks from North and South's amazing score. Sorry for all the comments I'm just loving this.