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A Very Indie Winter


A collection of quiet wintry tunes to accompany cold evening walks, window-seat thoughts, the dust of falling snow, and the warmth of hearth & home. - Nineteen tracks, including music by Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, and Daughter. Happy Holidays.

18 tracks
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Hi, I'm Drew. I have been trying to figure out for a couple weeks why my cover of Gregory's "Master & a Hound" has been getting so many plays on soundcloud, seemingly out of nowhere. Mystery solved! Thank you so much for putting that on this playlist! Very much enjoyed the rest of the playlist as well. I made an account - I didn't know how else to contact and say thank you.

This is rather embarrassing on my part, but I completely mistook your voice for Isakov's. Your cover of "Master and Hound" has such a warmness to it, its absolutely brilliant. I'm happy I was able to share the plays over to your soundcloud page, I'll definitely check out your other covers for future playlist material. Thanks for enjoying the whole compilation as well, it's much appreciated!
- Jared

I am completely flattered. That means a lot. Check them out, I have lots of covers from the past couple years. Many of them are in a similar style to that Gregory cover. I met him last November in Cincinnati, he's a wonderfully nice guy!