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Soothing Classics

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It perplexes me to think playlists such as this with songs like this that contain a real passion and love of true music go incredibly under appreciated while pop-indie and acoustic covers always seem to rise to the top.
In today's society people like the image of music they listen to and films they watch instead of liking the music/ films for personal reasons, this is part of the reason I think poetry, jazz, classical music ect.. have become so seemingly pretentious.
However it is easy to see through someone who says they like a genre or song to those who truly love music and film so I guess its not a problem but only a sad predicament.
What a rant that no one will read, it was more for me than anyone else I guess.

I read your "rant" and I agree with your point...pleasing to see there are people who enjoy music for the beauty of it and what it is as opposedd to what it might represent. Well said Nick