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Soundscape of Middle Earth


to travel from the land of green of the little folks, quite ready for an adventure;
to enter the hauntingly beautiful forests of the elves, embraced with ancient lore and tales;
to be swept off by the proud horns of men, calling for the gallant and the brave, defending walls from the dark;
to dwell deep in the mountains with the dwarfs, forging metals and uncovering the riches of the mountains.

18 tracks
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i remember listening to this playlist while studying 2 springs ago for the first time. still listening to it a year and a half later. THANK YOU!

Great selection of songs, this sort of music is so great to work, very inspirational. Being a film composer must be so great. have a listen to my mix, I think you'll like it!

The world needs to be more beautiful soundtracks composed by Howard Shore.. Thanks very much for this wonderful, nostalgic playlist!