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you stuttered like a kaleidoscope

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im entirely jealous. last night our sun turned to rain for the near future. april brings tickets to freelance whales, frightened rabbit, and wilco. but id trade them all for a week in austin. assuming you survive the dehydration and hardrocking, i hope sxsw inspires some playlists outta you so i can live vicariously (if through a total stranger.)

p.s. Texas heat is killer. It has recently become sunny in Austin; I can't wait to die of heat exhaustion and dehydration this southby!

lust for life -- girls
excuses -- the morning benders
since i left you -- the avalanches
this is our lot -- wild beasts
first of the gang to die -- morrissey
the balcony -- the rumor said fire
perfect day -- lou reed
take ecstasy with me -- the magnetic fields
excuses -- the morning benders
pamphleteer-- the weakerthans
hotel -- broken social scene
big bird in a small cage -- patrick watson
new york i love you but you're bringing me down -- LCD soundsystem
when i'm with you -- best coast
the art teacher -- rufus wainwright
the north pole -- the walkmen
norway -- beach house
to the east -- electrelane