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✩ i am titanium ✩


there's a promise for the ones who just h o l d o n ;; for anyone in recovery that might need a reminder that it's worth it, because you're worth it.

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Yesterday I have spent the whole day fighting intrusive thoughts and at the end of the day it took me a lot to choose to stay safe, to stay over at a friend's house in a safe environment, instead of going back home on my own and self harming. Today I'm still recovering from yesterday's battles. Truth is, I have grown quite scared of being home alone with my own thoughts, because sometimes I just start thinking too much and that usually ends up with me feeling the urge and it's hard to fight back. Well, tonight I'm home alone and I was so scared that I would end up feeling like yesterday - judging myself as disgustingly weak and addicted. Instead, I'm listening to this mix. I relate to some songs, others not really. But overall it's so awesomely positive and uplifting. Titanium specifically is something of my personal anthem, at least lately. What can I say, evening here has just begun and I still feel quite unsafe, but for now you've given me my anti-intrusive thoughts self-care tool, and it's enough for a while. I'll go spam it to my girlfriend now, and a couple of friends too, all struggling with mental illness/health/recovery. Thank you, whoever you are. <3