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A Synthetic Kind Of Love

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this playlist rocks! I've listened to it quite a few times and im wondering if u have the tracklist written somewhere? I wanta check out the artists and a tracklist would help so much with that!!

@magical morbid Glad you enjoyed the playlist! I guess a few of these tracks aren't labeled properly. I'll do some searching and make those changes when I can.

@magical morbid Here's the full list, sorry about the wait! 1. One More Robot - The Flaming Lips 2. Help I'm Alive - Metric 3. Bodysnatchers - Radiohead 4. The Shade - Metric 5. When I'm Small - Phantogram 6. Beauty Never Fades [Animatrix Edit] - Junkie XL/Saffron 7. Let's Make A Vow [alternative version] - Diamond Messages 8. Instant Crush - Daft Punk 9. Desire - College 10. Not In Love - Crystal Castles 11. Total Decay - The Soft Moon