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a midsummer's night houseparty


One warm midsummer's night, a perfect night for a house party, Hermia had a little too much wine and a little too much smoke. Snug in the embrace of a comfy love seat, she drifted off into strange dreams as the party swirled on around her. And DJ Oberon played on into the night...

This is her dream.

11 tracks, featuring extremely rare Radiohead and Bjork house remixes ripped from my vinyl collection, and brand new School of Seven Bells!

photo by me.

10 tracks
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guess i forgot to play this at the place whatever i was talkin about haha well on mr. paully paul right now gotta love this guy. If you haven't seen his movie "Berlin Callin" which this album is from then watch it! pretty good.

that Azure track is fucking amazing. talk about head trip... you could totally play this mix at a house party... completely insane