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Arrakis, Dune, Desert Planet


"He who controls the spice, controls the universe!"

A dedication to one of my favorite books and movies of all time, and a never ending source of inspiration for musicians, artists, and producers.

Eight tracks featuring Black Sun Empire, Iron Maiden, Eon, and a few gems ripped from my drum 'n' bass vinyl collection.

8 tracks
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@dj_dim-mak Apart from the Sparklehorse which I just wasn't in the mood for, I really liked it. I found your playlist because I just made a Playlist of my own which has as its first track the same track as comes second on this playlist. It also has another track in common with this list, but I was curious as to what other playlists had that on. Reading the Dune books as a First year at University changed the way my mind works, which doesn't happen that often.

@grippy gecko oh yes, Dune changed the way many of us have thought for years and years now. have you seen the documentary "jodowrosky's Dune"? If not, it's a must for you to check out. thanks for stopping by.

I have no idea how I missed up on this gem of a mix. I was re-reading dunes and @sidekick poked me about this. Fantastic mix and flows so fluidly with the turning of the pages

Can't believe I didn't catch this the first time round! You did an amazing job, as usual. Enjoyed this from start to end and will probably check out this Dune world when I get the chance.