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Arrakis, Dune, Desert Planet


"He who controls the spice, controls the universe!"

A dedication to one of my favorite books and movies of all time, and a never ending source of inspiration for musicians, artists, and producers.

Eight tracks featuring Black Sun Empire, Iron Maiden, Eon, and a few gems ripped from my drum 'n' bass vinyl collection.

8 tracks
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@katcosmonaut I'm glad you found this old mix of mine. It's funny that you just listened to this, though, because this weekend I'll be releasing an updated and extended version of this mix. :) The spice must flow.....

@dj_dim-mak Apart from the Sparklehorse which I just wasn't in the mood for, I really liked it. I found your playlist because I just made a Playlist of my own which has as its first track the same track as comes second on this playlist. It also has another track in common with this list, but I was curious as to what other playlists had that on. Reading the Dune books as a First year at University changed the way my mind works, which doesn't happen that often.

@grippy gecko oh yes, Dune changed the way many of us have thought for years and years now. have you seen the documentary "jodowrosky's Dune"? If not, it's a must for you to check out. thanks for stopping by.

I have no idea how I missed up on this gem of a mix. I was re-reading dunes and @sidekick poked me about this. Fantastic mix and flows so fluidly with the turning of the pages