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Dawn of the New Beats - Side B


Side B - Freeky Futurism Past Forward

Allow me to introduce you to some beats you'll be partying to this summer. Nine tracks of Fuck Yes Turn That Shit UP! Featuring new Die Antwoord, new Diplo, and new Gorillaz.

You better turn the bass to 11 and make some room because this one's a big ol booty shaker.

9 tracks
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T. Will is such a tease I want so much more from him!! so many of the elements are right on butt. his beats are never as good as his accessory sounds

I am old an weird I do like it a lot but I wanted more cause those accessory elements that he layers around the pretty basic boring house beat are great.. This has always been my problem with house the main beat just does not thrill me. The dance its creates or inspires is so-so. its good for people who don't want to be pushed or think to much while dancing I guess that is why its popular along with goa and trance. IMO

I know what you mean, I prefer some kind of break/broken beat myself. a whole party of house or trance gets way too monotonous. but I still love the fuck out of this track. thanks for listening.

A whole night of anything is to much. I think i am a bit to particular and T. Will has such a great sound but as far as i know he usually falls back on the basic house beat. Its like a cake with a very scrumptious decoration and fruit all over it but when you get to the cake its self its just a out of the box thing. OK I

busdriver is supposed to have his own album out soon, maybe its out already?... I've heard him on other peoples tracs, including this one, and have been super impressed.