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dj_dim-mak /\ 2.I am human, but my body is not


part two of a trilogy of new psych rock and soundtrack mind-bombers

go deep, turn it up

/\ new nick cave & warren ellis /\ new trent reznor & atticus ross /\ new a place to bury strangers /\

9 tracks
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@decco73 for this series, or ALL 290 mixes? :) once I have the third mix out, they'll be i a collection on my page (the first 2 are already in the collection) 8tracks dot com/dj_dim-mak/collections/dj_dim-mak-am-not-human-trilogy

@decco73 thanks for your interest by the way! that's very cool. also I have a collection of psych mixes too, if you're interested. 8tracks dot com/dj_dim-mak/collections/dj_dim-mak-psych

@decco73 fyi, I released the third one early, so if you still want to check out all three in go, check the collection and hit play all, thanks again for the kind comments.

@decco73 thanks decco. I like mixes to be shorter and more structured my self. and their will be 3 volumes all together, so you get to listen to 2 more mixes like this if you like this one. the third installment will be out this saturday.