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dj_dim-mak /\ asia cyber


from neo-tokyo to new beijing
cyber samurai compete with triad augments
for money, power, and honor
in the near future of the far east

/\ new mochipet /\ new panda bear /\ new black rain /\

10 tracks
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Opening with my homie Panda Bear can´t´ never go wrong. Saw him the other day walking down the street with his little boy and holding a trycicle in his hands. It´s hard to picture him as a family man.

Great vibe you´ve conjured here: a combination of traditional asian sounds with future bass. I dunno why but it reminded me of this anime:

@RabidRod when by wife and i were in lisbon in '13 we predicted it would be the next international hipster city, because it's so beautiful and inexpensive and still ungentrified. I guess now that Panda Bear lives there, that pretty much validates that prediction...

@RabidRod I love The Running Man! I remember catching that on MTV's Liquid Television back in the day. Over the years I kinda forgot about it but when I bought Neo Tokyo on DVD without having watched any of the shorts, I was quite happy to rediscover it again. Classic.