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dj_dim-mak /\ best albums of 2014 (side b)


13 tracks from the 25 best albums of the year.

side b /\ darker

/\ kode9 & the spaceape /\ ben frost /\ mica levi /\

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13 tracks
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@Btrxz yes it is. For 2 reasons in my opinion: (I) 8tracks target audience is primarily made up of college students (18 to 23 demographic), most of them uneducated (almost "hearing impaired") in what comes to the wide pallet of musical genres available. Their interest is edm, trap, etc. and are attracted to mixes tagged "indie", "sex", "smoke", "chill" filled with cheap cheese; (ii) you guys are an expensive herd for 8tracks because you do not use soundcloud uploads. That´s why some beautiful mixes of yours are usually below the radar.

@dj_dim-mak @Btrxz Check "licensing" (under "Legal") at the bottom of this page. You´ll understand it immediately. Soundcloud uploads don´t generate any costs for 8tracks.