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dj_dim-mak /\ centennial rewind trilogy 299


coming up on 300 mixes, that means it's time for a rewind trilogy!

the best of the best eargasmic tracks from my past hundred mixes that are so good, I just gotta drop 'em again.

check the flow and psych the fuck out.

/\ swans /\ ghostpoet /\ machinedrum /\

21 tracks
6 comments on dj_dim-mak /\ centennial rewind trilogy 299

Ahaha !! Just on Swans ( pain no death no fear) and I hear just now an alarm test @ my job ("Please do not evacuate, this is only a test...") with this "wiiiiiouuuwiiiouuu" characteristic... Damn I believed !! You got me you son of a Nietzsche

@Deathinteresse yeah, that album isn't quite a relentlessly pounding as the last couple, but is still fantastic. I hear that the next one they put out will be their last for a while. :(

@dj_dim-mak Haha! I was just about to say to myself "Who could forget that little ditty from 2015 'Bela Lugosi's Dead?" then the Dub magic started. What an interesting treatment!

@RabidRod thanks man! this mix has been pretty much ignored, I guess. really appreciate you checking it out!