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dj_dim-mak /\ om bass kali-ma

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@storygirl that's very kind, thanks so much. well, I do have some non-world music dance mixes coming up, and of course Halloween mixes. but I'll see if I can't conjure up some more mixes like this soon. :)

@dj_dim-mak Hooray! Your Asia Cyber mix is what helped me find your profile, and I still rock it all the time. Completely unique! Have a good one!

@storygirl very cool! if I can be cheeky enough to suggest one of my older mixes, you might dig this 8tracks dot com/dj_dim-mak/nights-of-phuturo-past Have a great one too! I'll be checking some mixes by you soon!

Thanks for making me hear good indian beats after a lot of shitty bollywood songs in last few years.. Where did you find these?

@jainswapnil52 I've been randomly collecting stuff like this for years. you have to search for it under electronic dance music, it doesn't seem to show up much if you're looking in indian music/bollywood sections. I'd start with talvin singh and explore from there. thanks for digging the mix!