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true tales of perfect crimes, betrayals, and loves gone wrong

/\ new baths /\ new trentemøller /\ new pretty lights /\ last published mix of the year...


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I love FKA Twigs, but 8tracks messes up the track info because of hyphens or something... it does mean that I get to learn about twigs when I click the 'i' :)

thanks so much. so btw, its not an 8trx fuck up. the artist was originally published as Twigs, but due to some legal bullshit she had to change her name. we have the ep with the original name so that's why it comes up that way.

thanks so much for the listen and the kind comments!!!

aha! Well this mix turned out to be even more educational than I thought! I just assumed because it played a soundcloud track that 8tracks buggered something up - my apologies for the spurious allegations there 8trx folk :)
Thanks for doing great things with great tunes mister Dim - I am trying to finish off my GC mix, but when I'm done, I have unfinished business here in your mixes.

it's fucked up how slept on you are. 1600+ followers, 200+ mixes and your new stuff gets barely the recognition it deserves. This is dope, all your shit is fun to listen to, and I can't fucking wait to hear what you drop in 2014. That being said, the Bring Em Up Dead song uses a sample that one of my fav songs uses too and I have to plug it incase you wanna check it out.. VInnie Paz - Crime Library. Keep doing your thing man!

thanks so much man, I appreciate it. yeah, I dunno if people just aren't checking things out over the holidays or if people just aren't interested. but the kind words mean a lot! You know I'm always bobbin my head to your mixes too.

I'm gonna check that vinnie paz soon.

finally checking out that vinnie paz track. killer. I wonder if this statik selekta track is remix/rework - there's a lot of similar elements.