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dj_dim-mak /\ Road of Vengeance, Trail of Blood

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@dj_dim-mak I don't get artists/companies who release new vinyl without MP3 link - every once and a while I'll pick up a vinyl w/o one and it blows my mind. Doesn't make any sense.

@kbdaimp yeah, it drives me nuts too. some things I just wont buy if it doesn't come with a download. but ... I did just buy 3 or 4 records lately w/o downloads. bleh. I can rip vinyl, but it's a time consuming and imperfect process. Thanks for checking the mix!! this one hasn't gotten a lot of love.

@dj_dim-mak Me too - sometimes I don't really check and get surprised. :/ I haven't really bother ripping vinyl but I should think about it - particularly for the tons of dnb I have on vinyl! What program do you use? Is it good?

@kbdaimp I just use garage band that comes with my mac, it does a reasonable job. I'm by no means an expert at it, however. you do get all the pop and crackle of the record tho. a lot of the quality depends on your audio/digital converter. mines pretty basic, but you can get really top of the line ones.... I have a TON of old dnb to rip myself.... I've gotten some done, but it'll take forever to get it all....