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dj_dim-mak's progressive metal flashback 2


Dust off your leather pants and your poet shirts....
More of my favorites from my teenage years, when I was stupid crazy for progressive metal.

Ten epic tracks including music by Dream Theater, Mind Over Four, and Iron Maiden.
Art by Boris Vallejo.

10 tracks
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Epic end! Now I can definitely slay some dragons today. I am really feeling an 80s vibe at the moment. I am pretty sure upcoming mixes will reflect this.

alright, awsome you made it! thanks so much. these are by far my least popular mixes. so when anyone appreciates them it puts a big devilish smile on my golden noh mask. see >>>

thanks guys! you 3 are the only listeners to this mix. yeah, nobody freaking new who mind over four was but I loved those guys. i went to there show once many years ago and there was pretty much nobody fucking there to hear them. totally sad. I have all 3 of their cds (I think there is only 3) so I might sneak them into some upcoming mixes.

nice choice of closer... this mix was soooo fuckin epic that i got cramp in my Claw hand.... might back-comb my hair and come back for another listen later :)