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dj_dim-mak /\ tasty beats: creamy (side a)

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thanks so much! always great to see a comment from my favorite faerie queen. forest swords is indeed magic. I think every track from that album will eventually end up in one of my mixes. used quite a few already.

I rather enjoy your mixes because you incorporate many artists and songs that I know and love, yet you always have content I've never even heard of before. Keeping it fresh!

...According to the gregorian calendar:) well i've listened to more than 50 mixes this year and none featured one direction, ed sheeran or american folk bands.

believe it or not, I've never heard a single note from one direction. and before your comment, I've never head of ed sheeran either. so I kind of feel out of touch in the best way possible. :)

As we all should! Paying homage to the greatest thing to happy to music/Culture since the Beatles! 1 D 4eva!!!