9 comments on dj_dim-mak /\ the final haunting (hllwn16.3) by dj_dim-mak

@dj_dim-mak Probably the songs weren't on youtube. I hope the listening-experience for us outside the US will get sorted out one day.. But I'll stick around anyways.

@extreme dinosaur oh the youtube thing. yeah... I know some europeans use a VPN to get around that, but not sure how that's done. thanks again!

@Terreris thanks man. I used to dj and make some beats way back in the day, but now I'm focused on other projects (writing). Although I do plan on getting a blog together soon. Musically, I'm just putting out 8track mixes when I have the time and inspiration.

@dj_dim-mak Nice man, well keep it up the vibes of all your mixes are great. If you ever need a website for anything hit me up, freelance web developer I'll hook you up.