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dj_dim-mak /\ they are already among us - hllwn13


Yes, you hear them, don't you? Hidden just below the noise and the silence - the voices...

They're calling to you,

calling out your name again

and again

and again.

/\ Fuck Buttons /\ The Haxan Cloak /\ Zomby /\

Celebrate Halloween '13 the way it was meant to be - quaking in the dark with mind-bending terror while listening to some of the most spine-chilling sounds the year has to offer.

14 tracks
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So... Mister sir of evilness... I am back to enjoy your hauntingly brilliant mind. This mix is so fucking great! I forgot how much I love your halloween mixes.

@nulkmad thanks so much, my friend. I love making halloween mixes and it meas a lot that you would go back and find some of the older ones. happy hallween!

Oh man.... I have a question for you. Where do you get your vinyl pressings? My co-worker was talking about Vinyl-Me-Please, and it looks like a wonderful resource, but I am not sure it is what I want to use.

@nulkmad I'm really lucky to live in san francisco and have access to a pretty great store, Amoeba records. the majority of my vinyl is bought there, as well as another local store called Aquarius. Amoeba also has an online store. For items that I'm not able to find in store, I'll usually order them on Amazon. I haven't tried any vinyl only services yet.

truly unsettling; your song selection was impeccable! I have run out of suitable adjectives for this - thank you for creeping me out in such a spectacular fashion mister.

for the most part they only release limited edition vinyl pressings, so it's easy for them to slip past a lot of people.

thank you very much. I actually put a lot of time into this one.

I'll be harvesting your wonderful nightmares shortly.

ironically enough, that was plan b. I wanted to use the original version, but no matter how many times I uploaded it, 8trax turned it into some completely different track by some other weird artist. luckily, this remix was on soundcloud and actually fits well with the rest of the mix.

thanks for the listen.

the sooner you give in to the voices, the less painful it will be.