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dj_dim-mak /\ through hidden ways

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You are up there with @Trevlad of DJs I wish I could crush your mixes down into pill form so that I could pop one everyday so that I could hum throughout. The days would be good.

@tkyd haha nice! I've got one in the works that I think you'll dig, but it's not quite ready yet. and I agree, @trevlad does make some awesome mixes.

Hey dude ! Great ears, found some nice tracks here, well done ! Among them, I just discovered HVOB, and I am a big fan, would you by chance know some bands making similar music ?

@Wagramm awesome. really glad you enjoyed. regarding recommendations, I would say start off with Andy Stott and HTRK. Both have a few excellently deep and beautiful albums.

2 trxz in and this is a best mix of yours ever category! you better not blow it cause I am so high and could hurt myself if I come down too fast!