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Dubstep Mutagen Invasion 3


It's a pandemic! Bass mutations continue to infect your favorite tracks.

There is no cure....

9 tracks of dubstep remixes of non-dubstep songs. Artists include Metallica, Underworld, and Wu-Tang. Mutagenic invaders include DZ, The Builder, and Bassnectar (of course!)

This one's a banger so crank it the fuck up.

9 tracks
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@tcgsterling, I checked out your blog and saw that. Haven't heard it yet tho, I'll be looking forward to it and checking out your blog mixes. make sure to put some mixes up on 8tracks too!

You should check out the Zeds Dead remix of The Rolling Stone's Gimme Shelter. I dropped in my last set to much fanfare, it's an unexpected dubstep track like the rest of these.

@honeypiee,yes, I've been to burning man 3x, and it is an amazing experience. I haven't been since 2004, but I'm sure I'll eventually go again (more interested in world travel, now). if you have any desire to go then you MUST GO. it can change your life, it did mine.