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faces in static (one last kiss before the end)

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ahhh and grimes is on this from what i've been reading. i'm currently completely in love with her too.. getting me psyched.

i loveeee the cover on this - i'm listening to this next. i'm totally judging a mix by it's cover right now and i don't bizness. lol

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, I think the feeling of the pic actually fits the feel of the mix well.

So I've been in love with Grimes for the past year or so -- while I adore her latest album, I'm hoping it gets Halfaxa some attention.

I swear, each time I let one of your mixes loose, I fall in love with whatever comes out of my speakers. I love the fluidity of it all. Getting back into the habit of being a regular customer dear sir!

thanks so much! I have so many mixes of yours I still need to get to! I'll eventually get them all, tho, I promise!

Thank YOU! and no need to listen to them all, just whatever strikes your fancy, There are so many mixes on 8tracks to listen to, but never enough time :P

I started using the LIke function as my queue on 8tracks, I now have 23 pages of mixes yet to listen to! OMG! but all your recent mixes are liked and will be listened to eventually. some people deserve to have every mix listened to, and you are def one of them!

aw man, you're too kind! and wow, 23 pages of mixes is insane! i used to have a queue of bookmarked mixes in my browser, but it became unmanageable so now i save them all in google docs and am slowly going through the list, but it's hard to keep up when there are so many great mixes constantly being published. there are even a few mixes from 2009 STILL waiting to be listened to. haha. if only we had a thousand (functional) ears.