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fading (side b)

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once upon a time in a far away land, mixes came on these things called tapes. they had 2 sides, a side A and a side B. you could listen to both sides back to back, or you could listen to each individual side as it's own mix.

i'm just keeping the tradition alive is all....

thanks man! I was really surprised to see my ambient mixes getting more plays than my latest dance mix. guess you never know... gald you dug it, thanks for the comment!

I really enjoy the atmosphere in this as well. It's not often you can find this kind of playlist with this kind of dark omnipotent electronic mood to it. It pulls out a lot of emotions and visuals from my imagination. And you got me into Lorn! :D

thanks so much, if you really like this, you'll probably also enjoy side a if you have time.

the new lorn album 'ask the dust' is incredible and can't recommend it enough. as is the x-tg album - a must have.